Thursday, September 4, 2008

Follow up, and why I love Jon Stewart

If only the media would actually call these people on their B.S. Instead, they leave that kind of investigative and insightful work to comedians. Shortly after writing my blog entry last night, I watched this on the Daily Show:

They call liberals hypocrites (and they are), but it really does take one to know one, I guess.

I promised myself I would not make this into a political blog, and here I've posted three already. I wouldn't do it if there weren't so much infuriating crap to think about lately. We're all screwed.

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Jennifer said...

Amen, but on to a more important question, how do we reach the COMPLETELY INSANE HILLARY FANS(oh was my caps lock on? sorry) the view-askew Hillary fans who are planning on voting for McCain simply because they can't get over not being able to vote for Hillary?!