Monday, November 30, 2009


I wish someone would explain to me why I decided to buy four boxes of Girl Scout cookies awhile back. Because now I have four boxes of Girl Scout cookies sitting in my house, and each friggin' cookie is two points on my Weight Watchers diet! That's ridiculous.

I just ate one, and I took the tiniest bites ever to savor it. This worked for the first cookie, but I am not sure this will be enough in future. Soon the overpowering deliciousness will take over and

Since the end of October, I'm down 13 pounds, which is great (I even lost over Thanksgiving week! Heck yeah!). I have to keep up the hard work and not surrender to the evils of cookies.


netekay said...

Take them to work. Get them out of your house. Trust me on this...they will be calling your name until you do! Damned little evil sweet chocolatey cookies! :D

Dena said...

I gave them to some students at our Christmas party. Problem solved!